San Sebastian and Pamplona

Hello Angels,

San Sebastián was the next place that we got to explore.

Unfortunately we could only have a stop over on the way to Pamplona because it was too expensive to stay in the town.

San Sebastian was really beautiful.

As soon as we arrived, everyone hiked up to the top of a mountain. I was angry walking up because I had never walked up so many steep steps and pathways in my life, it felt never ending. I was so over it and wore the wrong shoes of course.

The view was definitely worth the long walk though.

I mean look at this…

After the hike we got time to ourselves again.

I trotted off with a couple girls from the tour group and we found the most amazing tapas/pintxo bars.

(Apparently in Basque language the “tx” makes a “ch” sound).

We stumbled across the most gourmet places, there wasn’t anywhere that made anything less than gourmet.

Of course I went crazy because it was like being in heaven.

After our delicious lunch we got to walk around the town for a couple more hours.

Then we hopped back on the bus and made our way to the famous Pamplona.

Upon arrival we all dropped off our luggage at the hotel and hopped back on the bus to go to the centre of the city.

Here we went on the a walking tour of the path that is taken during the running of the bulls. It was pretty wild learning about the origins and what really happens.

The above image shows some art which I thought was funny and cute. It also says that there is 63 days until the next run.

The pathway was quite a bit shorter than I had imagined.

The streets here were so cute and old.

After the tour it was close to dinner time so we all got to get our own food.

Of course I chose to get tapas again because it is the best thing of my entire life.

We stayed out until around 10pm before heading back to our hotel and getting some well needed sleep.

Lots of love,

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