Segovia and Bilbao

Hello Angels,

We left Madrid at 8:30am; really early for those who stayed out partying until 4:30am.

It was a long drive to Segovia, a small town between Madrid and Bilbao.

We got around 3 hours to ourselves there and the views were incredible.

There was a castle there that Mr Walt Disney himself took inspiration for in his work which I’m sure you may all know: Sleeping Beauty. It was gorgeous and gothic.

Some more wandering around we found the aqueduct, which carried water from the top of the mountain to the town.

I wish we could have spent more time there because we could have explored so much more.

Another long bus ride had me sleeping again lol.

Bilbao was small town that gets hardly any tourists because it’s so ugly. Therefore, they put the Guggenheim museum there to up their tourism. Although, personally I wasn’t too impressed by that (besides the one Andy Warhol piece and the two Jeff Koons pieces).

It was raining the whole time we were in Bilbao so we couldn’t do much sightseeing, but we kept our spirits up.

For dinner, we all went to a small restaurant and had mushroom risotto as an entree and chicken as a main, and of course dessert which was tiramisu.

They supplied us with wine because it was an included dinner, and not many people drank all of theirs so my table decided to pour it all into a water bottle to take back to our accommodation.

We crashed as soon as we got back to the hotel!

Lots of love,

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