Hello Angels,

Our next day trip took us to Zaragoza, another small town on the way to a larger city. In this case, Barcelona!!

We only got to spend an hour in Zaragoza, so we went to the cathedral to look around. This was the biggest cathedral I’ve been in so far on this trip.

We went to a small cafe to get snacks before heading back to the bus.

I slept most of the way to Barcelona because we had been doing so much everyday! It’s exhausting!

We arrived at 5pm and got a hotel upgrade so instead of staying on the outskirts of the city.

Our hotel was so nice!

At 7:30pm we all gathered to go to a restaurant that was located at the top of an old bull ring. Super cool.

after dinner, which was not the best, we all headed out to a bar that locals hang out at!

Everyone got drunk of course.

At around 12am we all got entry into a club, so we walked 15 minutes to the club and found ourselves dancing and singing until 2am.

The next morning we got free time on our tour so I slept in.

Kellee and I decided to go out and find some vintage shops which were incredible.

I’ve never seen so much vintage clothing in my life!

The prices were great because they charge you based on weight, not based on what the product is!

The best part was that there were 5 shops scattered along just one road!!

At 7pm we all gathered again and went to a traditional flamenco dance.

It was something I’d never seen before! One of the women kept breaking character and laughing instead of having a serious, frown on her face like the other woman.

I would definitely recommend that you go see a flamenco show if you find yourself in Barcelona!

We didn’t make it out to any bars or clubs tonight as we decided to save our long nights for Ibiza tomorrow night!!

So instead we showered, got on our comfy clothes, walked down to a pastry shop (yes it was open at 11pm) and eat a nice amount of pastries! Delicious.

Lots of love,

2 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. Sounds like you are enjoying Spain – seemed to go to different towns than we saw but every where is great – loved the flamenco dancing too!

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