The Anxious Traveller: Getting from A to B

Hello Angels,

Welcome to Part 2 of my Anxious Traveller series! YAY!

This chapter is all about planning your transportation to a certain destination so that you won’t panic when the time comes.


These are the things that I do when planning my day trips at my destination.

1.Know the exact location of your destination including the address: find out the name of the place you’re going (if it’s a hotel, hostel, airB&B, or even if it’s just a cafe, restaurant, point of interest, etc.). Know the address too, not just the name, this makes it easier if there are communication difficulties and you might not have wifi. The easiest thing to do is take a screenshot so you have it with you.


2. Look at how long it will take to get there: check to see how long it should take you to get to the place you’re going. Will it take 10 minutes or 30 minutes? Plan around this; know when to leave if you have to be somewhere at a certain time and consider you’re option just in case something doesn’t run smoothly.


3.  Plan the best way to get there: so you’ve got the destination, great! Now you should probably find out which is the best mode of transport to get there. Train? Bus? Taxi? Uber? Walking? Biking? Know before you go! Sometimes you can look up pricing on google to see how much you’re usually going to have to spend on each transportation system, this helps a lot in choosing the best transport for you.


4. Search where the closest station is to you and how to get to the station: so you’ve decided on your transport, now you need to know how to get to the station or bus stop or general area to go. Google maps is the easiest way to find this out, you can see where train lines lead to, you can see where the stations are, where bus stops are, the routes of the buses, and so on. You also need to know how to get to the transport too (just in case your hotel is little walk to the train station).


5. Have a backup plan: what if you miss the train and don’t have enough time to wait for the next one, you didn’t look at other options so you’re pretty much stuck at a train stop in the middle of the city and you don’t speak their language and nobody around you speaks your language? What do you do? Have a backup plan! You chose to take the train but didn’t look at where bus stops were or taxi ranks, or other transport options were? Do this before just jumping on the train, at least know some main ones closest to you. Doing this will help in the long run.


6. Know the way back too: you planned how to get there, but you need to know how to get back too. Sometimes it it as simple as the way you went but in reverse. Sometimes, it isn’t but as long as you know how to get back you’ll have no reason to panic and it will be smooth sailing.


So angels, no need to be anxious, just follow the steps – Address of destination, how long will it take, mode of transport, how to get to the transport, backup plan, and know the way back – Simple!


So there you have it. You have no reason to worry because it is all planned and you can rest easy knowing there’s no way that you can have a panic attack in the middle of Paris because you don’t know how to get to the train station from the 11th Arrondissement.


If you have any tips for another anxious traveller to plan out their transport please leave a comment for everyone else to read!

Let me know if you tried this, or if you’d like me to give you tips on something else travel related.

Lots of love,

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2 thoughts on “The Anxious Traveller: Getting from A to B

  1. Well done Georgie – wish he had done this in Barcelona – cos it took us four hours of walking and 20 minutes of bus travel to find our hotel again after getting lost lol

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