The Anxious Traveller: Plane Hacks

Hello Angels,

This is Part Three of The Anxious Traveller Series!

Sometimes the most scary part of travel is the plane ride to wherever you’re going.

So I’ve put together some hacks/tips to help you when you’re on the plane!

1. Choose your seat. Choosing your own seat can sometimes give you just that little bit of peace of mind when travelling by plane. Whether it’s a window seat or an aisle, towards the front of the plane or towards the back, sometimes it’s the choice alone that can ease anxiety.


2. Sit near the wing. If you’re like me and hate turbulence, the seats over the wings are the ones for you! The wings are the centre of the plane and the centre means theres more balance, and balance is the key. Trust me.


3. Drink water!!! I know how annoying it must be when you’re constantly told to drink water but seriously, this could save you migraines and headaches while on a long haul flight.


4. Move your body. A lot of tension can build up when you’re sat down for a long period of time. Your body needs movement to keep you in good health and keep your blood flowing, as much as it sucks having to ask the stranger next to you to stand up so you can get out, you need to move around.


5. Speaking of asking a stranger to move, maybe choose the aisle seat so you don’t have to ask them to move. I understand, sometimes talking to strangers is something that can trigger your anxiety so you sit there busting to go to the toilet for three hours because you don’t want to disturb your neighbour.


6. Breathe. Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out.


7. Try to get some sleep. Whenever I’m on a plane the one thing I try to do is to just sleep. It helps me to relax. Although it can mess with your jet lag when you land, I find it easier to sleep on the plane to stop myself overthinking and to help time pass.


8. Plan your flight. Perhaps it’s easier for you to split up the flight into sections to help get through the time. Maybe sleep for an hour, then read your book for an hour, then get up and stretch your legs for 20 minutes, then you could watch some inflight entertainment for a couple hours, etc.  Depending on what you prefer to do, or how long your flight is, you can customise this to however you like.


9. Remember that airplanes are the safest form of travel. 


Please do let me know if this helped in any way!

Stay tuned for the next part to the series!


Lots of love,

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