I bought a transit van to convert into a camper!

I’ve always had this dream of living and/or travelling in a camper van for a while.

Sightseeing, living a little more freely, living a little more sustainably, and living a cheaper lifestyle; it always seemed fascinating to me. Yet, unattainable.

I’d think to myself “How could someone like me possibly live a life like that?”

So I’d push the idea to the back of my mind and I’d spend my savings on travelling overseas, instead.

Then the pandemic happened…

My little corner of the world in Western Australia seemed almost untouched by it, and our border to the rest of the world and even the rest of our country was closed.

My own brother, who was living in Stockholm at the time, couldn’t even get back home to Australia, let alone Western Australia.

This meant that everyone was turning to statewide travel, rather than interstate and overseas travel.

This also meant that there were a myriad of camper vans, caravans, camper-trailers, and motor homes on the market and the demand was high.

Our rental market went a little crazy, and properties for rent were either expensive or non-existent… or you just didn’t have a chance at all because so many people were applying for the same properties.

My mind kept bringing me back to my dream of owning a camper-van.

I searched and and searched for almost 12 months on end with little luck. Until one day I came across a Facebook Marketplace post of a Ford Transit.

It already had a basic camper setup in the back which would be easy to add to or take out and design my own.

So I test drove the van, I fell in love with it, aaaand I decided to buy it!

It was such a surreal moment, after years of coming back to the same idea, I finally took the leap!

Although the van is nothing like I’ve driven before, I’m so excited to see where it will take me.

Follow along with me as I turn my transit van into a camper van!

Love always,

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