HäXA HOUSE 2: Witches of Walcott

Hello Angels,

This is the second post to the new series, HäXA House.

Yes, that means there was another art show!

This time, held in a different home, my brother’s home just a little way down the road from the first show.

This extravaganza had even more artists, more poets, and a decent number of musicians compared to the first show, an excellent turn out.

The word had spread about these little gatherings and they saw more and more people offering to put their work in the art show, so much so, a sign up sheet was made.

This night had witchy vibes to it. The house was dark, lit up with only fairy lights, candles, tea lights, and a few spotlights shon onto the performers as they delivered their verbal artworks to the crowd.

Again, guests were invited into the free event (although a gold coin donation was encouraged), wine and nibbles provided by the hosts.

There was such a variety of artists this time around.

Such inspiring, vivid, ghostly, and intellectual work was submitted to be hung on the walls of the house.

Artists included:

Evangeline Perry

Lovisa Sandlund

Zane Lingard

Triniti Puckey

Sammy Huxtable

Wylie Johnson

Lucy Torvaldsen

Devon Smith

Nurul-Hannah Azura

Miles Davy


Jakob Boyd

Maddison Jade

Brandon To’omata

Shaun Prior

Lilli Longman-Fletcher

Kelsey Diamond

Jesse Ingram

Musicians included:

Blow Jobs and Growth

Alexander Bridge

Manny Prempeh

Tahlia Carter + Donnacha Murray

Trina & Joy

Poets included:

Laundry Man

Saoirse Nash

Lucy Torvaldsen

Maddie Godfrey

Sam Kruse

As you can see, an array of artists who are absolutely insane with their talents presented their works.

It was a magical night, so many people came by to have a look at the art that it was hard to move around inside the house.

The guests spilled out onto the backyard lawn and the front porch of the house.

The dreamy, mystic vibes brought by so many different and alternative personalities, if you had seen it from the street you would have wondered why all these strange and wonderful people were flocking to the house like ants to cake crumbs.

It was mesmerising.

Just like the first show, guests stayed until the early hours of the morning. The amplifier was going non stop for hours on end, the couches were filled with bodies and the wine was empty in the glasses.

This time around everyone had the opportunity to buy the artworks on the walls and many, many people took that opportunity. Ranging from $2 to $50, there was such a large sum of artworks to choose from and most of it got sold.

Another successful night for HäXA House.


•The Creators// Left to Right: Soph Kruse, Lovisa Sandlund, Joel Murray.•


•Teori Shannon brought along his leafy stick insects for the show•






Lots of love,

*Images provided by Jesse Ingram and featured image created by Triniti Puckey.

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