HäXA HOUSE: The New Art Scene of Perth

Hello Angels,

I am very proud to share with you the auspicious installation art shows created and hosted by my very own brother, Joel, and his friends.

HäXA House was formed from the roots of alternative lifestyles within a close knitted group of friends who shared interests in the world of art.

They decided that they wanted to create a space where individuals could come together to showcase their own art, poetry, music, and creations to anyone interested.

With no money to spare to hire a place for the night, they decided to host the show in one of their own homes, an old building in the most artistic hub of Perth city; Mount Lawley.

Performers and artists from across Perth signed up for the event to showcase their talents while earning some more recognition to perhaps further extend themselves in their careers.

Small, not particularly known people, jumped at this great opportunity to show their creative work.

To make matters even better, the event was free to anyone who wanted to go, yet everyone had the choice to donate $1 or $2 upon entry.

There was awesome music, loud chatter, good vibes, and of course some wine!

Entering the house the walls were lined with different, unusual, and incredible pieces of art from a variety of artists such as;

Zane Lingard

Sammy Huxtable

Sophie Nixon

Floris Bulton

Lovisa Sandlund

Joel Murray

Joshua Jones

Luka Buchanan

Lilli Longman-Fletcher

Rachael Moody

Lucy Torvaldsen

Jakob Boyd

Miles Davy.

As the night started, the performers took to the stage (in this case the corner of the room).

Luka Buchanan

Jared Prior

Jakob Boyd

Nick Harle

Ben Armstrong

Leni Battalis

The night was spectacular filled with energies of vivid colour.. almost like a dream.

The laughter could be heard from down the street, the hallways lit up with iridescence, people stayed until well into the morning. I don’t blame them, who would want to leave such a wonderland of magic and creativities?

With more and more open house shows to be held and visual arts to be witnessed in the future, of course the founding members of HäXA have planned more shows.

(More posts on HäXA House to come).

I know it will go far beyond what the small group of friends ever imagined.

If you want to find out more about this group, head over to their social media!





If you live in the area and wish to be part of the next installation of this awesome movement, contact the group through their Facebook page linked above.

Lots of Love,

Disclaimer! All images provided by HäXA HOUSE, I do not own the rights to these images.


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