Hello Angels,

My final destination on the trip of a lifetime was Amsterdam.

We arrived in Amsterdam late in the afternoon and walked from the train station to our hostel.

The walk felt like hours, although I think it was only 10 minutes or so.

Our day was a long one, so we decided to hang out in the lobby bar for a couple hours and get some pub grub there, before heading out to wander around the block.

Amsterdam definitely lived up to my expectations, in looks and vibes.

Not only is marijuana legalised, but they have made a fully functioning economic system off it. There are coffee shops everywhere selling not only marijuana itself but also commercialised products such as chocolate, biscuits, tea, soap, key chains, nearly everything you can think of it will be there.

I didn’t delve into this part of Amsterdam, more so the historical aspects of the city.

On day two I met up with my friend, Lovisa, from Sweden, who used to live in my home town. We spent the day roaming the streets and going into every cheese shop we could find to taste the cheese.

Around 3pm, we headed to the Van Gogh Museum. I loved all the artwork on the three stories. I obviously didn’t do my research because I was expecting to see the famous Starry Night painting (which I later found it is kept in New York City).

Later on, we met back up with Cassie and had a couple of drinks in a cool coffeeshop that had a window out onto the canal.

We then headed across the road for dinner, which was so delicious we left with our stomachs too full to fit in dessert.

Day three I spent with Lovisa again. This day was so nice because we trekked out to a massive park called Amstadamse Bos, located in Amstelveen.

It was luscious, green, and dense. We even accidentally came across a ‘nudist’ clearing in the park, but quickly made our way out the other side.

The park was so big, we didn’t even get to see the whole thing before we decided it was time to head back.

On our way to the bus stop we found a small local pub and got to dinner and chatted for another hour or two.

By the time we got back to Amsterdam centre, it was getting dark so we sat out on the edge of the canal with our legs dangling over the edge and we talked and laughed and ate cheese until 11pm.

Day four. This day was a good one for me because I chose to explore on my own.

I had become a lot more confident within myself to be able to go out and enjoy lunch by canal all on my little lonesome.

I do love my alone time, it’s cool to be able to do things without a worry in the world.

At 3pm I met back up with Cassie to go to the Anne Frank House.

Since I can remember I’ve been infatuated with the Second World War and this is the first time I could see the effects of it first hand. It was incredible and sad and inspiring and every feeling and word I can use to describe it.

It baffles me that Anne Frank’s story is only one of the millions of stories from the time. If only I could hear every single one of them.

Afterwards we went to a pancake house were cassie got some pancakes, and I got nothing because I was so full from lunch.

Then it was beer o’clock. So we sat down at a bar by the canal (the same bar I had my lunch) and watched people walk by.

So ended up going back to the hotel lobby for dinner because it had been stinking hot that day and was still hot by dinner time.

Day 5 started with us walking around the area we were staying in. It was pretty central so we didn’t need to walk far to see everything.

We stopped by an Italian restaurant to have lunch and and by the time we got back to the street our hotel was ok we thought it would be a good idea to get on a boat and cruise along the canals.

What a wonderful idea it was. We had the whole tour boat to ourselves it seemed like we were on a private tour with wine and snacks.

It was so gorgeous to see everything from the canal and see people sitting where I had been sat the day before.

We didn’t believe the skipper when he told us there was a thunderstorm forecast to come later on in the evening but he was right.

30°C heat to 10°C in two hours and absolutely bucketing down.

We were going to go out for dinner because it was our last night in Amsterdam but we decided to just nip around the corner to a small burger place. We would have stayed in had I not remembered that we still had our Disneyland rain ponchos in our bags.

We got a good nights sleep knowing we had to wake up and travel for nearly 24 hours to get back to our home town. But it would all be worth it for the adventure we have had in the past 6 weeks.

Oh what an adventure it has been indeed.

I just can’t wait for the next one!

Lots of love,

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