Hello Angels,

My full day in Seville started like this;

A sleep in.

Travelling is exhausting, but when you can squeeze a little sleep in you definitely learn to not take it for granted.

Once cassie and I were up and ready, we met some of the girls on our tour group at the Alcazar.

The Alcazar is a famous palace and gardens that span over 8 acres of land in the middle of the city.

It’s where some of Game if Thrones is filmed, so of course I was going to see it whether anyone else liked it or not.

I was a bit disappointed that they weren’t filming while I was there, I could have gotten a cameo in the series.

We could have spent hours walking around the exceptional gardens. It was the most intricate gardens I’d ever seen.

You might recognise the image below if you’re a GoT fan.

Below the palace was a dungeon-like entrance, yet once we entered we were amazed at this architecture.

Definitely worth a visit and definitely worth the hour and a half wait in line.

After the couple hours spent in the Alcazar we decided to get on the hop on hop off bus and do a couple laps around the city to see everything.

We sat on the top deck in the sun so by the time we were done we were so drained by the sun we decided to call it a day.

So we dropped back in to the hotel where Cassie and I prepared for our included dinner with a local of Seville.

I was impressed with this dinner.

A group of 10 of us were taken to the home of a man who lives in an art studio.

Walking in, I was immediately comfortable and cozy.

The man cooked us a three course meal, which, might I add was practically gourmet AND we got endless wine.

After our meal the man showed us his “homemade flamenco machine”

This was the most amazing thing I’d ever experienced; dinner in an art studio and then a performance afterwards.

I wish I could thank Alan again, it was truly wonderful.

Seville is definitely a city I wish to visit again!

Lots of love,


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