Asilah and Gibraltar

Hello Angels,

So sad to say goodbye to Marrakech, but our early start to Asilah was exciting!

Another day spent on the bus, mostly sleeping because there’s nothing else to do.

Along the way we stopped off in Casablanca to get lunch. Casablanca was pretty and I was sad that we couldn’t have stayed longer

Our next stop off was Rabat, the capital city of Morocco. Here, we only got off to take a photo of the largest mosque in Morocco.

We only stayed here for around 10 minutes and then we were off again on our last leg to Asilah.

We got Asilah at sunset.

My hotel room had an awesome view of the sunset.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get time to go into the town centre because it was late and we had to leave at 6am the next morning.

The next morning we had a long ride from Asilah to Tangier, where we would catch our ferry across back to Spain.

This was another long day of sitting on the bus. The part of travel that people don’t tend to talk about because it isn’t glamorous.

We got to Spain and were taken straight to Gibraltar.

Gibraltar, although in Spain, is actually part of the United Kingdom. You need a visa to get in and the small town is so British despite being in Spain.

Gibraltar is basically a large rock, with the only “wild” monkeys in the whole of Europe.

I’m not a massive fan of monkeys, and the fact that I got chased by one at Gibraltar sealed my opinions on them. They are cute though.

To get to the rock we had to cross a plane runway, apparently the shortest runway in Europe and only very skilled pilots can land on it.

The rock was beautiful with incredible views.

There is even a point at the bottom of the rock where you can look out and see across the ocean to Morocco, and then to right to see Spain.

It was once believed that the cave inside the rock was the entrance to the underworld because nobody could see the bottom of the cave. Nowadays, the cave is used as a theatre and has many visitors daily.

After Gibraltar we got back on the bus and taken to Seville where we had a lovely dinner out at a restaurant.

Lots of love,


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