Fes, Morocco

Hello Angels,

From Spain we all jumped on a ferry to Morocco!

It was strange getting off the ferry and realising I’m in Africa.

The bus came with us on the ferry so we all got on and had about a 2.5hr drive to a service stop where we could get some lunch. I was starving so I got the only thing I could understand on the menu; a hamburger.

The next bus ride was another 2.5hr drive through the beautiful mountains and picturesque valleys and we finally arrived in Fes.

Our hotel was so cute, the lobby was filled with walls and walls of coloured tiles.

Dinner was included at the hotel and we were exhausted from doing nothing on the bus all day so straight to bed we all went.

The next morning we had a tour guide take us to the palace where the king lives. We didn’t get an invite into the palace – bit disappointing.

We then got taken through the Médina, the Moroccan markets with over 12,000 streets and over 83,000 market stalls.

We went on a Friday which was a holy day for most of the Arabic people so many of the stalls were closed, such a shame. But I suppose it was good to not be slapped in the face with the rawness and everyday hustle and bustle of the Médina otherwise it would have been too overwhelming.

Another downfall was that the garbage workers had gone on strike so the streets were filled with rubbish and rotting food and cats trying to eat the rotten food. Not a nice smell at all.

Our guide took us to a carpet shop and we had mint tea with our lunch.

I was set on the idea that I wasn’t leaving Morocco without an authentic, handmade Moroccan rug. So I bought one.

If I had a photo I would add it here but silly me didn’t actually take a photo of it so it’ll be a little surprise for me too when I get home and unwrap it.

Next, we got to see the leather tanneries where they use bird poop to aid in the dyeing process. It was so stinky up there that the shop owners gave us all mint to smell, but the view was awesome.

Our final stop was the textiles shop. Walls and walls of colourful fabrics.

There was so much to look at I didn’t even look around I just sat in the corner and took it all in. I watched a man make the fabrics with his wooden framed machine. It was so interesting.

Feeling tired and a little dirty from the streets of the Médina we headed home to get ready for the hammam.

The hammam. Wow. It was something else.

A hammam is essentially a public bath for the less wealthy residents of the city. It’s split into male and female so that the women can go topless.

We walked in and got split into a couple of groups, 3 of us on one side, 3 on another, 3 on another and so on. Then a woman, also topless, would tap us on the shoulder and scrub our whole bodies with an exfoliating mitt.

She sat on the floor and we had to lay down. She was spinning me around like a rag doll lifting my arms and legs and scrubbing them like she’s trying to get red wine out of a white carpet. It was a little strange.

My skin felt amazing afterwards, though. And the fear of being topless soon washed away after I realised how good my body felt.

Not many girls from the group opted to do this, but I thought it would be stupid not to experience the day to day Moroccan lifestyle.

We went back to our hotel and got ready for dinner, a 4 course meal at a Moroccan restaurant with an included show of belly dancers, fire dancers, and musicians.

Sleep was definitely deserved after that long day.

Our third day in Fes was short lasted as we had to leave to go to Marrakech, so we pretty much woke up and left.

Lots of love,

2 thoughts on “Fes, Morocco

  1. Ohhh Gee that sounds like my kinda place – how interesting and quite fitting you didn’t get that embroidered thingy in Busso we saw, the one you bought will have so much more meaning 🙂 and wow that body scrub sounds amazing xxxx

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