Madrid: Days 1 and 2

Hello Angels,

The last day in Paris had us waking up at 4.30am to catch a train to the airport.

Little did we know the train would take 40 minutes to arrive and then another 40 minutes to take us to our terminal. Ugh, the Paris train system…

This was a blessing in disguise as there was literally nobody at the airport at the time we went so we got through easily and was sitting at our gate for an hour and a half.

Our plane to Madrid was only 2.5 hours long and I slept the entire time, I didn’t even know we had taken off!!

We landed at 11am to start our Contiki journey.

We had time to kill as our rooms weren’t ready at the hotel until 3pm.

Two British girls from our tour group overheard that we were on contiki too and asked us if we wanted to join them on a walk around the block to waste time so of course we went along.

Feeling peckish we caught a taxi to the nearest shopping centre to get some food and have a gander.

Unfortunately Cassie is sick with a bad cold and cough (much worse than mine had been for the last week) so she stayed behind.

We finally got to check in and relax for a couple hours before we had to meet the rest of our contiki crew in the lobby.

Although I haven’t been introduced to everyone in the group (there’s 41 of us) the people I have met all seem so awesome and easy to talk to!

Turns out I’m a lot better at meeting new people than I had thought.

At dinner we sat with two boys from Vancouver, two boys from Sydney and Melbourne, and one girl from the Gold Coast. We talked and talked for hours, we almost didn’t want to leave because everyone was so diverse and had interesting stories behind them.

Already off to a great contiki start!!

Day 2 in Madrid was a great, we got a sleep in (apparently rare when on contiki).

Cassie was still super sick with the flu so unfortunately she missed out on everything that happened today, even dinner!

The bus took us all to the Royal Palace of Madrid and the cathedral that’s just across the path.

We then walked down the Main Street in Madrid, in awe of every building.

We had 3 hours of free time to ourselves so I paired up with my roomie, an Australian from the Gold Coast, called Kellee.

We strolled the streets and went to the gourmet food market for sangrias and seafood. I got a wild berry sangria and a crab burger.

We then all got on bikes and had a local take us through the city.

Afterwards everyone was buggered. Luckily we were heading back to the hotel to refresh ourselves for dinner.

Oh my god dinner. Tapas.

I love tapas. We went to a funky restaurant and bar and got about 5 different types of tapas to share before getting our main meal.

Then the whole group headed out to a pub crawl to 3 different bars.

Upon arrival to each bar we each got one shot of either tequila or vodka – which eventually lead to a lot of drunk people.

It was 2am when I made it home at the end of the night knowing I had to wake up at 7:30am the next day. Yay

Lots of love,

4 thoughts on “Madrid: Days 1 and 2

  1. Omg you are having such fun already! Just like us you are loving the tapas scene and of course sangria – so happy for you – you go girl xx

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