London: Days 4 and 5

Hello Angels,

On day 4 we decided to catch the ferry to Westminster to see Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

Upon our arrival we were greeting with disappointment as Big Ben was having work done and completely covered by scaffolding. Nevertheless, we kept our chins up and moved on.

Due to an event happening in the area, buses were diverted so we had to walk far to catch a bus to Trafalgar which should have taken 20 minutes but took us over an hour. Oh well.

We went to an old pub in Trafalgar Square and got ourselves a burger feast.

After lunch we went to national gallery to admire the one and only Claude Monet’s artwork. One of my favourite impressionists. While inside, we were caught up in a silly publicity stunt where a teenage boy decided it was a good idea to take a megaphone into the gallery and start yelling into it.

He got escorted out of the building.

M&M world was next on our list. Don’t ask why. We don’t know. But we scoffed some crispy m&ms when the workers weren’t looking. Hehe.

We stumbled out of m&m world and found ourselves in Chinatown. But instead of sitting for a meal we went straight to Piccadilly Circus and watched people street performing for about an hour.

Then we went to back to Chinatown to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Cassie made eye contact with an old man while shoving chopsticks down her throat. Lovely.

Then we went home, buggered after a long day.

We woke up after a sleep in craving some waffles. We got some. Which took a long time and we could have missed the bus to the Stonehenge.

The Stonehenge was about 2 hours away from London. We stayed there for 2 hours admiring the man made structure of incredible architecture.

Our bus got back to London at 8pm and we were in Victoria station. We were a little disoriented but found ourselves just going into Jamie Oliver’s restaurant without even giving it one thought.

The pizza was so delicious: maybe because it was made by actual Italians, maybe because it was a Jamie recipe?

The pizza filled us up so we couldn’t do much except walk to the train, walk back to the hostel, and get in our warm beds.

Lots of love,

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