London: Days 2 and 3

Hello Angels,

Cassie and I started the day by waking up somewhere between 5 and 6 am… way too early.

We headed out with London’s city centre in mind; Big Ben, London eye, Buckingham palace, Westminster abbey, ect. Yet we found ourselves going south to Tower Bridge and Tower of London when we were trying to find the train station.

It was a cool atmosphere due to the weather being decent and the London marathon was on so there was a lot of street drinking, bands playing music, people clapping and cheering, and swarms of people everywhere.

We wandered around Butler’s Wharf, walking up and down the cobblestone streets, before we headed north to find the Columbia Road Flower Markets. We made this a priority as they’re only on a Sunday and this was our only Sunday in London.

On the way we found ourselves in a conversation with a homeless woman, who didn’t seem so much as homeless until she told us but she helped us find the markets. Homeless people in England are so much nicer than those in Australia.

The flower markets were beautiful! We saw a few buskers, one of which was an group of people playing folk-like music accompanied with double bass, triangle, guitar, washboard, and violin, and an old dog sitting in the middle of them. Adorable.

The market was tight to get through and the most busy markets I’ve ever seen, yet they were only selling flowers and an assortment of house plants.

I had a snack at the end of the road at the cutest little bar. I guess it’s socially acceptable to get a cocktail at 10:30am in England?

After the markets we went to Kings cross station to see platform 9 and 3/4. It wasn’t much of a sight to see but we just had to see it to say we had been to it. The Harry Potter shop was packed full of fans: unless you’re a mega super fan I would not recommend.

We hung out in the station for a while as the jet lag started to kick in and decided to head home for a quick nap.

Two hours later and I woke to it being 7pm and still bright ever outside.

We went down to the bar downstairs to grab a couple pizzas for dinner and try to meet some people- unsuccessfully as everyone was in their own little groups.

So we decided to head upstairs and go to sleep.

We woke up on day 3 to someone in our rooms’ alarm going off for 8 minutes straight. I guess some people can literally sleep through anything… even an alarm in your ear.

Cassie and I headed out at around 9:30am to Trafalgar Square, where we stumbled upon the Buckingham Palace. My god it was so packed I think I could have suffocated had we stayed any longer. We witnessed the changing of the guards, but honestly we couldn’t see much except for cameras and phones in the air as everyone was looking through their lenses instead of with their own eyes.

Later on, we found out that Kate had her 3rd baby and that’s probably why it seemed like there were more people than there should have been, I think people were expecting something to special to happen but it didn’t.

From there, we walked around Harrod’s in awe of the luxury accessories and gourmet food, before heading off to Hyde park for a sit and chat.

Who knew time could fly by when you’re laughing your head off at each other.

The Soho streets were just around the corner so we weaved in and out of them like a maze. They seemed to be riddled with the coolest shops and pubs in London.

Cassie and I were wearing shoes that weren’t quite broken in yet, so with blistered feet and unable to walk properly, the bus called our name to take us to our hostel. We managed to get lost going north instead of south, but we considered it an adventure. So, being tired and hungry we jumped on the train back to our hostel, the correct way this time.

We sat in the hostel bar again, got ourselves a beer and chilled out, organising where the journey will take us tomorrow.

Lots of love

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