Day 1: London

Hello Angels,

We arrived in London on the 21st of April after nearly 20 hours of travel.

My friend Cassie and I decided we would spend some time setting up camp in our hostel (Wombat City Hostel) and then hit up the underground bar that is in the hostel. Coming from Australia where it’s over $10 for a pint, it’s easy to get a little too ahead of yourself on pints for £3 in the hostel.

I’ll add that it had really good vibes for anyone wanting to know of any good hostels in London.

Afterwards, tipsy and arm in arm, we trotted off to get some pizza from just around the corner and took a stroll around the block while we waited for the pizza to be ready (which they forgot to do so they upgraded us to a large pizza for free for the hassle).

I always recommend taking walks along the areas that are off the beaten track, you get a feel for the city and area you’re staying in.

We came across a small western style bar down a little alleyway, which, had we not walked down, we would’ve never found! Add that to our list of bars to check out!

After scoffing down our pizza and checking tinder for any cute British or European boys, we went to sleep absolutely exhausted from travelling from Australia to England.

Day 1 and I can already tell it’s going to be an incredible trip!

Lots of love,

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