Things I Learnt When I Moved Out of Home

Hello Angels,

This past year I’ve learnt a lot about myself after moving out of home for the first time to go to University 3 hours away from my home town. I got a new job, I moved into student housing with 7 other people in my flat, the list goes on of all the changes that happened this year.

This year has been the toughest yet, but it’s nearly over and I see new opportunities and beginnings on the horizon.

So, here are some of the things I learnt about myself and the world around me when I moved out of home:

  1. You feel lonely a lot more than you thought you would, but that’s why phone calls are so great.
  2. You realise how much you loved hanging out with your family, even if it was just sitting in silence and watching TV.
  3. Home is a feeling, not a place. I learnt that when my parents sold my childhood home and I was so scared I’d never be truly ‘home’ again.
  4. You miss the small things like a clean house because your housemates don’t have any idea how to wash dishes or sweep the floor.
  5. You miss the home cooked meals. Ah, a juicy roast.
  6. Seeing your best friend (aka housemate) everyday can make your friendship either stronger, or weaker. Unfortunately, mine is the latter.
  7. You feel down sometimes and that’s ok.
  8. You feel more freedom, sometimes this can be good or bad… you can literally do what you want to do all day everyday.
  9. You love spending quality time with your family.
  10. Going out with your family makes it even more special because you don’t see them as often, enjoy it while it lasts.
  11. The bond with your siblings becomes stronger. 
  12. Living with people other than your family is super hard. You never understand how easy it was to live with people you grew up with and how difficult it is to live with a bunch of new people with new habits.
  13. See good in all things. This helps me keep a clear and positive vibe everyday. Why not be happy instead of dwelling on the negatives?
  14. Explore. You feel more fulfilled and have things to do when you’re bored.
  15. Learning to cook after you’ve already moved out is a really, really bad idea. Make the effort to learn how to cook some complex meals, not just the basic pasta or pizza.
  16. You can sleep in to whatever time you want, and stay awake for as long as you want. And can we just mention all the naps you can take!?
  17. University is not for everyone, there are other pathways.
  18. You become more independent, sometimes unwillingly, like going to the doctors by yourself.
  19. It’s normal to ask your parents for help, but know that you should be learning things yourself because your parents might not be there for the rest of your life.
  20. Grocery shopping is a really bad idea when you’re hungry. You will constantly say “treat yourself” and then buy junk… but hey, whatever makes you happy.
  21. You won’t get along with everyone you work for/with. This is the WORST!
  22. Respect works both ways, so don’t settle for respecting someone who expects to be respected but doesn’t respect you.
  23. Karma is a b*tch. People will learn this the hard way, I’ve always been a Karma gal.
  24. Having alone time in a flat full of 8 people is essential for your sanity. Don’t be afraid to shut your door just to get some peace and quiet.
  25. Some rules can be broken; such as throwing a party at your flat even though you’re not meant to but hey you have awesome memories from it.
  26. Look after your mind, body, and soul; they’re essential in living well.
  27. Make the effort to go to that party, even if you sit in the car for an hour trying to calm down from your panic attack, but at least you had the intention of going in the first place.
  28. Sometimes, all you need is a hug, and sometimes nobody’s there to give you one so do something else that makes you feel better, even if that means going to the shops at 10pm to buy ice cream.
  29. Some opportunities come in small packages, and they can be easily missed, but take those opportunities.
  30.  Other people act like they’ve got their lives sorted out and you may feel like you’re the only one who doesn’t but it’s all just a lie; nobody really knows what the hell they’re doing. 

I hope these can help you have some peace of mind if you’re going through some similar situations. Shout out to my Angels who can relate to any of this!

Tell me what things you’ve learnt about moving out of home!

Lots of love,

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