What Happens When You Shave Your Face?

Hello Angels,

As humans, we tend to grow hair mostly everywhere on our bodies.

As women, we don’t usually grow much hair on our faces compared to men but most of us do get peach fuzz.

Well, mine was just there and I kinda wanted it to be gone. I wanted to see what would happen if I shaved it.

I found out (mid-shave) that shaving a woman’s face is used at beauty salons in some parts of the world as it’s seen as anti-ageing, it exfoliates the skin when dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin are taken off,  it helps makeup to go on smoother and have a nicer finish, and it prevents breakouts due to a cleaner face.

This blew my mind. I had no idea that shaving could be so beneficial!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think that as a woman I would EVER shave my face… there’s all the myths telling me that “it’ll grow back thicker and darker”, “You’ll end up looking like a man”, not to mention my mum telling me: “You’ll have to shave your face for the rest of your life”.

If I have to shave my face for the rest of my life for it to look and feel THIS good? I’LL DO IT!

Angels…. My skin has never felt more smooth or soft for a very, VERY long time! Perhaps not since I hit my teens.

My face is smooth, my skin feels and looks fresh, I feel like I’m glowing because I don’t have all that fuzz to block the light from reflecting off my skin.

My makeup has never looked better!

Here’s a before and after of my skin! Do you see a difference? I definitely do!

Ladies, I’m late to the bandwagon but…This could be the future for women.

We shouldn’t be ashamed of shaving our faces just because we are females.

So, my dearest angels, if you want to shave your face just do it, you could be surprised by the difference it makes (but maybe do your own research first).

Let me know what you think of women shaving their faces!

Lots of love,

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 7.07.24 PM

4 thoughts on “What Happens When You Shave Your Face?

  1. Hi Georgie, lots of places do what they call “threading” of your face to remove facial “fuzz”! Did try this and was a bit painful so I guess shaving is a less painful alternative!!

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