Vintage Photoshoot #2

I feel like the luckiest person to be asked to be photographed AGAIN by the lovely Sarah!

As you can tell from the title, it was a vintage shoot – Sarah’s specialty – but this time it was 1920’s themed.

This time around, Sarah invited her friend Angela, a local hair and makeup artist.

I absolutely loved getting my hair and makeup done! It felt nice to be pampered and come out with beautiful results that you’ll see below.

Without further ado…. let’s see the pictures!!!

I started off with an elegant makeup look with dark eyeshadow and red lipstick. Angela styled my hair beautifully and teased it to the MAX it looked amazing and took me a million years to untangle afterwards (haha).

I wore one of Sarah’s vintage-style robes, which she keeps as dress-ups for her shoots.

Georgia-16 copyIMG_2241


For my next photos, I was dressed with the black robe but worn backwards to create the long draped slit at the back. Sarah wanted to recreate this style of portraiture, but put her own twist on it.


e8682b9c467a539b6dc50c6e5955a76eGeorgia-2 copy


Then I got to try on some other outfits and pieces of material were draped over my shoulders to create the free-flowing effect.

Angela played around with my hair and we ended up choosing to put it up into a bob – the popular hair style for the decade.


Georgia-4 copy.jpg


We then chose another material to drape over my body. The image below reminds me of Queenie from Fantastic Beasts and where to find them… not sure why.


Georgia-3 copy.jpg


Surprise! Another outfit change. This time I was put into an actual piece of clothing instead of a piece of material. These images are inspired by modern takes of the vintage-style portraits that I have recreated. I love these poses, they’re a little different and quirky.


IMG_2264Georgia-6 copy


Finally, we changed up my makeup and hair again for the last time. My hair was brushed out into a smooth finished bob and my makeup was darkened.

My eyes and lips were coloured black and Angela added clear lipgloss to both my eyelids and my lips to create the glossy, shiny effect. A little bit of gloss got into my eye and it hurt so bad, but it was totally worth it to see the finished product.

I absolutely love the look. It was difficult to try to pose and look good while not being able to see where the photographer was or even know what you look like.

I think Sarah edited the corners of my lips so that they look like they’re this size, she did an amazing job at telling the story of a young girl in the 20s.


Georgia-15 copy.jpg

These were just a few of the dozens of photos that Sarah took, I got to choose this many to keep while she kept the rest to build up her portfolio.

I highly recommend Sarah and Angela to anyone living in the Southwest of Western Australia!

She is absolutely incredible and never fails to create magical photographs that I will cherish forever!


Lots of love, Georgia xx

5 thoughts on “Vintage Photoshoot #2

  1. That big fat curly hair is incredibly beautiful, sigh. I love photo shoots so much. My good friend is a photographer and sometimes we work on her portfolio. I’ve also done boudoir just for myself. I think every woman should get dressed up and have professional pictures taken. It’s such a treat and image booster!


    1. Absolutely! It’s an amazing feeling to get the final images back and to feel beautiful in a timeless shoot! I agree, every woman should have the experience!! Thanks for visiting my blog!

      Liked by 1 person

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