Vintage Photoshoot

A while ago my sister and I were asked to be photographed in a vintage photoshoot for Red Leopard Photography – a one-woman small business located in my home town.

Of course, we jumped at the chance.

Sarah, the photographer, was absolutely amazing! She had the best personality for her job and made the experience even more incredible. Her bold and bubbly attitude created the perfect atmosphere for the shoot, which was in her own home and is vintage themed (because Sarah absolutely loves anything and everything vintage).

We were asked to choose three of our own outfits from home which fit in with the vintage/1950’s theme.

We were also asked to do our own hair and makeup, which had to be bold and extravagant for it to show on camera. Sarah does do hair and makeup for some of her photoshoots, but because there were two of us it was easier for us to do our own and makeup is our passion so we loved the decision.

The shoot was so much fun! We started off the shoot with single shots. I was first to get photographed and this was the result!

Next up, Cleo had her single shots and they looked beautiful.

We took more single photos.

The next photos were the both of us together before we separated again and had MORE single shoots.


Lastly, we had portrait-style photos taken, where we stood together in front of a plain background.

As a bonus we had a quirky couple of photos taken with a flower prop.

All together we had around 60 photos taken that we got to take home. I can’t think of a single person who saw the photos and didn’t love them! Sarah is so talented to create such elegant photographs of my sister and I.

She made the experience so relaxed and fun that we had no time to feel self conscious or awkward and even had pink lemonade and some girly, pink snacks for us while we waited.

I would recommend that everybody tries being the star of their very own photoshoot!


To see more of Sarah’s work, I will attach her website and Facebook where she posts heaps of awesome stuff that she does. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Lots of love, Georgia xx

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